Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Bricks and Steel!

This week has brought more bricks and steel to our site.  And the utility pipes are being dug in at a great rate as well.

Steel is being installed for the roof of the north end of the building. 
This will be the living, dining rooms, kitchen and other public and administrative spaces.

The platform for the bricklayers is working its way up the west side of the residential wing.

One of the bricklayers at work.
There are another 25 pictures from Wednesday at:

Friday, October 8, 2010

LOTS of activity, things are really shaping up!

The last couple weeks have seen more steel, concrete, indoor framing and plumbing and the north end of the building really starting to take shape.

Work on the roof of the residential wing began in earnest.

The Chapel gets the beginnings of a roof.

Steel posts and beams give shape to the common and public areas of the residence.

The chapel ceiling beams are lifted into place.

A room with  a view.

Looking north to the chapel.

The cement slab is poured for the whole north end of the building in one day.

View of the living room and dining room terrace from one of the rooms.